What a day!


Lately, I started an internship at a local newspaper. This opportunity has given me so much, I can’t explain how much fun I had and how much all of these experiences mean to me. Sitting around the table drinking Somalian tea and eating homemade samosas with the city mayor. Meeting Don Rosa which entertained me a lot during my childhood when sitting on Sunday mornings reading Donald comics and eating cereal. I had so much fun covering different demonstrations and meeting so many new people. Even got my own little story in the local newspaper, “Vårt Oslo” where I work.

The other day was maybe my high point of it all with covering the woman’s cup finals. I don’t watch much football anymore, but I try to follow when Liverpool plays. But the game was not the fun part, it was walking around with my cameras and a press card. I am lucky to have an incredibly supporting cousin who borrowed me a professional camera, and a Sigma 150-600mm lens. Along with my Nikon D7000 with a Nikon 18-140mm, I had some options and felt the rest was up to me. It was a bit troubling with lighting since you need high shutter speeds to freeze fast movements during the match.


There I sat in the pressroom, pretending I knew what I was doing while updating Facebook and waiting for the game to start

When I arrived at the stadium I didn’t know what to expect. The journalists from the newspaper and I headed to the press entrance, and there we signed in. All the journalists were sitting on another floor and photographers in their own room near the pitch. So I walked into the room where all the professionals were. I recognized some of them from tv. I found me a seat and started settling with my computer and camera equipment. When the game started, I was trying to figure out how everything worked in the technical zone, where to stand and where I could move around. Then the game started and I forgot about everything and all I was doing was trying to get the shots, finding the emotions in the players and capturing the action as it was happening.



Tomorrow is a new day and I have got some new fun assignments, a demonstration, the opening of a cultural house and a live broadcast with guests later in the evening. Now I got an external flash, so hopefully, this will improve the image quality of my indoor shots. I have had some trouble with lighting with my D7000 and have previously got grainy shots in poor lighting and I have tried to find the best settings that don’t compromise too much of the image quality.

No Time Like The Present

I found this tile on the wall, and the question was something I actually have spent a lot of time wondering about lately myself. Life is so fragile and time on earth is so precious. Many of us spend much time on thoughts that have no value other than causing pain and losing time from focusing on the only moment we actually have any control over, the present. Worrying about the future is pointless because things never turn out like you imagine them anyway. Another time consumer can be regretting the past, and this does have the important value of learning, but for many, my self-included it can become an obstacle that holds you back from moving on and stopping you from living life.

So I thought of a project that would get myself out into the streets of Stockholm and become a time-traveling delivery man. While I’m at the same time getting more practice of taking portraits and talking to strangers. This is part one and I will continue to update and try to make a series of this.

So if you could give a message to your younger self in only two words, what would they be? Feel free to comment, I would love to hear it! Have a nice day!


Micha Vlad
Micha Vlad – “Våga Leva” (Dear to live)